3 highly rated Medical equipment every Educated family must have during covid

  3 highly rated Medical equipment every Educated family must have to tackle Covid Pandemic Its about to complete 5 months of corona in India, and time passes by country is opening up again, and people are coming out of their house for their jobs, business, education and other requirements in this most vulnerable situation where rise in covid cases are at its peak and it is estimated that at the end of September the covid number is rise upto 10 million i.e. 1 cr which is approximately 1% of our population. Which means out of 100 people of your contact 1 person will be a corona positive Patient.  Most of the popular medical research organizations claiming that the Coved Vaccine is on its way, but we don't have any tentative date or time span within which the world is getting a corona vaccine, and as per current situation unlike other developed countries where Corona patient no. is reducing, in India it is on rise. So covid Vaccine is the only last hope for us to tackle this situatio

4 Food products wrongly marketed as healthy in India

Food products wrongly marketed as healthy in India

In this blog I have shared how food companies do anything and everything to convince their consumers that what they are selling is healthy food. Not many people know that food companies can say anything and everything in the advertisements of their products. Here I have discussed 4 food products which are widely consumed in India. These foods are misleading.

Being customers, we should consider the ingredients & Nutrition information of any product before adding it into our kitchen.

These are the 4 food products in the Indian market that are widely sold by false marketing tactics and are marketed as healthy products.

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“Breakfast loves Nutella” this is the punch line used by the company for marketing. Adding to this they also say that it is made of “hazelnuts, Skimmed Milk & Hint of Cocoa”.


By Reading this front labeling you will definitely think that it is an healthy alternative for breakfast.

It is eaten for breakfast lunch, dinner and dessert, spread on toast, melted into warm sandwiches, used to make delicious bakes goods, and often eaten straight out of the jar. Despite how much you may love Nutella though, there are probably some things you didn't know about the iconic Italian jar of sinful deliciousness. From the pronunciation of its name to the ingredients, here's what you need to know about Nutella.

  • ·        When Nutella claimed its delicious hazelnut spread was healthy, the company found itself in high water.
  • ·        Just one serving (two tablespoons) contains 11 grams of fat and a whopping 21 grams of sugar. And who eats two only tablespoons of Nutella?
  • ·        21 grams of sugar contains approx. 90 calories which will cost you 1Km of running to burn them down.
  • ·        Along with sugar the second integrant is Edible oil which is again not good for human health
  • ·        So, where are the hazelnuts? Only 13% and little bit of cocoa and milk powder.
  • ·        So basically, our favorite Nutella is sugar & oil with little flavour of Hazelnuts and cocoa.
  • ·        Back in 2018 company had to pay 30 Million dollars to its customer for false advertising.
  • ·        By paying 219 Rs for Nutella if you still believe that it provide  best value then it’s okay, but you can get much healthier and valuable product in the same category i.e. Pintola All natural Peanut Butter.

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We are all aware that too much of sugar can be a problem for people who are trying to maintain healthy weight.

So, we have our very own Sugarfree Capsules

Company sell this product claiming that it is as sweet as sugar and extremely Low in calorie which makes it healthy alternative for a sugar especially for Diabetic patient and Weight watchers.

But is this what company claims? Let’s find out.

  • ·        Very First integrant that it contains is Lactose. It is a type of sugar which is derived from Milk and Milk products. So Lactose Intolerant People Kindly stay away from it.
  • ·        2nd  Integrant is Aspartame which is an artificial sugar that can cause you deadly health issues like High Blood Pressure, Weight Gain, Increase in Blood PH Level, Night Blindness, Enlarged Heart and much more
  • ·        The Brand itself clears that it contains Aspartame not recommended for children.
  • ·        It also contains other unhealthy chemicals like Sodium, Magnesium Stearate etc.
  • ·        So, if you are someone who is using this product for any purpose kindly don’t fall for it
  • ·        What you can do is consume less amount of white sugar
  • ·        Also, natural sweeteners such as honey and Stevia are much recommended than this chemical made Product
  • ·        I have listed few alternatives of sugar that are 100% natural and safer don’t forget to check that out.


Masala oats noodles have been promoted as healthy breakfast, well this is what the company claims, but let’s just integrands talk.


  • ·        Only 40 percent Oat flour is there, and rest is Maida along with palm oil and other refines flours.
  • ·        Talking about nutrition information it gives you 445 calories, well it is almost 1/3rd of the recommended calorie intake for women per day.
  • ·        Another thing that you should consider is the amount of sodium that it contains. Around 1224.3 Mg of Sodium per serving which is almost half the daily recommended intake for healthy body.
  • ·        High Blood pressure, Skinny face, Weight gain are the major side effects of excess sodium intake.
  • ·         So I won’t recommend this as healthy breakfast alternative all you can take it as cheat meal once a week.


Brown bread / Whole wheat bread

Most commonly used breakfast alternative by large population is Whole wheat bread as it takes less time to make bread related recipes like sandwiches ,omelet bread also it is assumed as healthy breakfast alternative especially brown bread. So lets check out how much healthy it is.